Notaries Public

A major focus of our partnership since its foundation has been the notarial field. 18 notaries public cover all classic areas, naturally in a clear, independent and impartial fashion, compliant with all applicable laws.

We certify and notarise, formulate, explain, inform and read out documents. Our task is to inform all parties involved in legal transactions - especially if far-reaching transactions - about all consequences, so that they have a full overview of the scope of their decision.


Our main areas of activity are:

Corporate law

  • Company formation, drafting of shareholder agreements
  • Restructuring, transformation
  • Corporate acquisition agreements
  • Consulting in the field of limited liability companies, joint stock corporations and partnerships

Corporate succession

  • Development of concepts for corporate succession
  • Certification of succession arrangements

Real estate law

  • Real property purchase agreements
  • Condominium purchase agreements
  • Developer contracts
  • Allocation of facilities (partition declarations)
  • Special construction models
  • Creation of land charges

Marriage and family law

  • Marriage contracts
  • Agreements on divorce consequences


Inheritance law

  • Last wills and testaments
  • Inheritance agreements
  • Assumption of executions of wills
  • Gifts to anticipate succession

Health care proxies and living wills

  • Development of general powers of attorney and health care proxies
  • Drafting of living wills