Law governing white collar crime and tax offences

We take responsibility when our clients are exposed to the greatest stress and defend them in the law governing white collar crime and tax offences. We support accused parties from the initiation of the preliminary investigations up to the main hearing or in the subsequent appeal as well as in detention matters.

People defended by us include entrepreneurs, members of the management boards of banks and insurance companies and their executives who, for example, are defending themselves against accusations of tax evasion, embezzlement, balance sheet manipulation and insolvency offences. In addition to strict defence, it is particularly important to avert the threat of damage to reputation and other consequences (skimming off of assets, loss of manager qualifications and pension entitlement).

Furthermore, we prepare voluntary tax disclosures that exempt companies from prosecution and defend companies or their officers that are subject to allegations of anticompetitive agreements.


Hamm / Münster

Dr Philip Seel

Dr Roman Lammers