Dr Michael Seiters LL.M.

Certified medical lawyer
Certified tax lawyer

Dr Seiters advises and represents health care providers throughout Germany in all relevant areas. In doing so, he deals, among other things, with issues of professional and contractual physician law as well as liability and medical criminal law. His work also focuses on the establishment and transfer of medical practices and/or associated company shares, the transfer of pharmacies, and compliance in larger cooperative arrangements and hospitals. This also regularly involves tax law issues. Finally, Dr. Seiters regularly acts as a lawyer-mediator for the settlement of interpersonal conflicts.


2020: Cooperation partner of Streitbörger in Münster

2016-2020: Dissertation in criminal law/philosophy of law (Prof. Dr. Stephan Stübinger, Hagen)

2014: Acquisition of "LL.M." (Magister Legum / Master of Laws)

2006: Training as mediator according to § 7a BRAO (DAA)

2005: Appointment as specialist lawyer for medical law

2002: Appointment as specialist lawyer for tax law

1996: Focus on general criminal law, beginning of specialization in medical law (initially in physician, therapist and pharmacy law)

1995: Admission as lawyer






Dr Michael Seiters 

Streitbörger PartGmbB
Stadtbüro Münster

Verspoel 10
48143 Münster

Tel. +49 (0) 251 / 270 766 - 0
Fax +49 (0) 251 / 270 733 - 11




"Das strafrechtliche Schuldprinzip im Spannungsfeld zwischen philosophischem, theologischem und juridischem Verständnis von Schuld“ Dissertation, Walter de Gruyter, 2020, Berlin / Boston, ISBN: 978-3-11-06935-6.


„Anmerkung zum Beschluss des OVG Hamburg vom 28.02.2019 – 3 BS (VG Hamburg)“ Zur Entziehung / Ruhendstellung der Approbation eines Arztes (allein) wegen des Verdachts auf Alkoholabusus in: Medizinrecht, Springer, MedR 38, 29.04.2020, S. 301 ff.


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„Rechtsfragen Psychologischer Psychotherapeuten und Kinder-und Jugendlichenpsychotherapeuten“ (Mitautorschaft) in: Lehrbuch Psychotherapie, Herausgeber: Bernhard Strauß, Fritz Hohagen und Franz Casper, Verlag Hogrefe, Göttingen, Bern, Wien, Toronto, Seattle, Oxford, Prag, 2006, Teilband 1, S. 999 ff.




In addition to his work as a lawyer, Dr Seiters is also active as a lecturer in further education and training for health professionals and lawyers. Current topics of his seminars are for example:

"Aspects of contract physician law, civil law and tax law in the transfer of medical professional practices",

"Ethical and legal aspects in psychotherapeutic practice".


Dr Seiters is a member of the working groups Medical Law and Tax Law at Deutsche Anwaltsverein.

He is active on a voluntary basis in social/charitable institutions and had been member of the board of SKM (Verein für Soziale Dienste in Münster e.V.) for more than 10 years.