Dr Nils Rümpker, LL.M.

Lawyer and notary public
Certified banking and capital market lawyer

Dr Nils Rümpker is a partner in the firm and specialises in banking and capital market law. He advises and represents financial service providers in matters relating to private and public banking law, both in forensics and in drafting contracts. One focus of his work is the drafting of contracts, including their adaptation to new regulations (currently for example PSD II, MiFiD II and GDPR). In the course of this, Dr Rümpker has accompanied many financial service providers during the introduction of the Home Loan Directive and through the necessary contractual and procedural adjustments in this respect.


Since 2019: Notary public in Münster

Since 2017: Certified banking and capital market lawyer

2012: Lawyer, partner at Streitbörger since 2016

2009- 2011: Master's Programme in real estate law at the University of Münster

2008- 2010: Doctorate in banking law, Nomos Verlag, Baden-Baden 2010

2005 – 2010: Student / research assistant at the Institute for Corporate and Capital Market Law, Dept. I, Prof Dr Matthias Casper, Dip. Oec., Münster

2003 – 2008: Law studies at the University of Münster in addition to foreign language training for lawyers in common law

2000- 2003: Training as a banker


Dr Nils Rümpker, LL.M.
Münster / Hamm

Streitbörger PartGmbB
Johann-Krane-Weg 10
48149 Münster

Streitbörger PartGmbB
Heßlerstraße 40
59065 Hamm

Phone +49 (0) 251 / 97008-200
Fax +49 (0) 251 / 97008-299



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Lecturer at the Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität Münster within the framework of the Master's course "Law of Succession & Corporate Succession

Lecturer at the Academy of German Cooperatives (ADG), Montabaur

Member of the Banking law Association of the Academic Society for Banking law