Dr Roman Lammers


Dr Roman Lammers works as a lawyer in Hamm / Münster. There he mainly advises and represents clients in the area of compliance and in the law governing white collar crime and tax offences. Another focus of his work is the processing of medical law mandates.


Since 2017: Lawyer at Streitbörger in Hamm/Münster

2015-2017: Legal clerkship at the District Court of Münster / 2nd state examination

2014-2016: Doctorate with Prof Dr Gunnar Duttge, University of Göttingen, Department of Medical Malpractice and Bio Law - on a topic in medical law

2009-2014: Law studies at the University of Göttingen, specialising in criminal and medical law / 1st state examination


Dr Roman Lammers
Münster / Hamm

Streitbörger PartGmbB
Johann-Krane-Weg 10
48149 Münster

Streitbörger PartGmbB
Heßlerstraße 40
59065 Hamm

Phone +49 (0) 251 / 97008-200
Fax +49 (0) 251 / 97008-299



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